Bubblewrap Beauty

In the Bag (Cheap Style)

Here's a handy collection of drugstore finds to get your collection going...or to add to your already large one.

Oldie but Goddie

Maybelline's great Lash Mascara was probably the first real beauty product I ever got, and definitely the first mascara.  I got it in brown to define my barely-there blonde lashes at around 11 or so and thus began my love for beauty products, and my search for another mascara that would make my golden lashes stand out.
And I have to say, this mascara really does the trick.  it has more staying power than Rimmel's Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara (which I will do a love/hate review on soon), even in the regular formula.  The bottle has basically stayed the same from day one, and you can be sure to find that pink and lime bottle at every drugstore with a beauty section, it's such a cult classic. Price: Around $7 Canadian.

Line it Up

Despite previous mentions of Rimmel's Mascara not exactly being the cat's meow, their eyeliner is the bomb.  It's waterproof but comes off fairly easily, it's super creamy and easy to apply, it comes with a built-in smudger and sharpener and best of all, it's staying power is superb.  If you're only getting one eyeliner to start, a black, waterproof, pencil (or in this case, retractable) version is the best.  Lining my waterline is easy and pain-free with this eyeliner.  I'd highly recommend it for beginners or beauty savvies alike.  And the price is right: for around $8 Canadian (I got it on sale for $5!) it's worth every penny. P.S. No need for liquid; creating an on-trend cat-eye is easy with this!

Blushing Beauty

Revlon's made some pretty epic nail polishes in the past...but I think the real pride is in the blush.  I'm going to be general and say that literally any colour is great, as long as it works for your skin tone: think of the old trick of pinching your cheek and then looking into the mirrow in the badly-lit drugstore, holding up blush samples.  Perfect for on the go, most of the blushes (I like the powder one) have a brush and mirror.  the thing I love the most about these blushes is that you really have to layer it on, which is a good thing because I am already naturally flushed and like some control so I don't end up looking like someone just pansed me.  They're under $10 and oh-so-fine, so why not give one a try?

Read My (Luscious) Lips

You've probably seen the ads, if you're an addict magazine buyer like I am.  The ones with an envy-worthy model, sporting pink, red or  purply lips.  I, by no means,  have Scarlett Johanssen lips (in fact, I've learned to dread my thin upper and pouty lower with a passion so burning it's melted all my lipsticks).  So I usually don't stray far from nude and coral as they are the most flattering for my skintone.  I've used M.AC. lipstick, CoverGirl, Revlon, and nothing.  But I'm a little in love with Maybelline's ColorSensational lipsticks: they're all superbly shimmery and light-reflecting, while the selection of nudes and beautiful light pinks is amazing.  I'd say they're one step above wearing a lipgloss and by far more fun to apply out of the gorgeous tube that looks way more pricey than it is, for aroun $10.  P.S. If you're willing to go for something just a tad more pricey, I'd HIGHLY recommend either The Body Shop's lipsticks or, for even more, Smashbox's Photo Finish lipstick.