Bubblewrap Beauty

Hey Y'all

Beauty is a guilty pleasure of mine...much money has been wasted on Sephora binges and drugstore 'deals'.  Once, I even went into Sephora to return some blotting papers (after all, the Tokidoki ones were so much cuter) and ended up not returning the product but leaving with a new perfume.  My obsession with browsing blogs for information on the lates M.A.C. lipglass or Chanel eyeshadow has led me far into the night, realizing it's 2:30 and all I've acclompished is an ever-growing shopping cart on Sephora.com.  So I've decided to make my own blog, just on the thrills and disapointments of buying new beauty products, handy tips I've picked up along the way, and Ohmygosh moments.  Maybe I'll even get a reader or two.
But either way, this blog will be as satifsfying as popping all those bubbles in the bubble wrap from the 'precious heirloom' your aunt ordered for you from CreepyCollectibles.com