Bubblewrap Beauty

For All Of Us Blondies

Got blonde eyelashes?  I'm sorry.  The curse haunts me too, so mascara is a little obsession of mine.  But I've got a tip to help all of us Golden Eyes look a little more Kim Kardashian.  Hint: this tip also works if you want to incorporate all the fun of a coloured mascara without the extra dough. Either after, before or during (I like after) applying mascara, wet an eyeshadow brush (preferably slanted) and swirl it in black or extremely dark brown shadow (if you're going for the colour tip, choose whatever you want). Then basically brush it on the lashes, root to tip, careful of loose powder flying on to the cheeks or browbones.  Et viola!  A sealant for your mascara and jet-black lashes.