Bubblewrap Beauty

'Cause You're So Interested

Hey y'all.  So, a couple days ago, my stats told me I had 11 page views!  Maybe that was just me searching myself up and gazing fondly at the site, or maybe 11 strangers read my words...
A girl can only hope!
Anyway, I've decided to create a page about my everyday look.  I will be posting my makeup repertoire and you guys can comment and give me some ideas, or tell me
I'm CRAZY to think that's a good idea.
Anyway, my look this week is:
Simple & Natural
- Lipstain (one shade darker than my natural color; I'm loving CoverGirl Outlast!
- Sheer Red cinnamon-flavored gloss (Oh My, $1.80 at Forever 21 when I was in
Boston...How could I resist?! And it smells so yummy, too, plus the packaging is cute...)
- Brown Mascara (as I said, natural, ladies, simple...)
- A touch of brown eyeliner, just a tad
- If I'm feeling up to it, a bit of either shimmery gold or chocolate brown shadow
- A tiny swirl of natural, peachy blush
- Maybe a bit of brow grooming...
You might be surprised to discover I rarely wear foundation.  Why?  No, not because I have a flawless face (trust me, far from it.  Acne is my curse).  Because I'm a teen and I want perfect skin, and covering it up, clogging the pores and giving myself a cake face is not doing anything in the short term, and definitely not the long term.  So do like your mother always told you: go bare!  I want to look natural, pretty and sleek, not covered in globby orangey foundation or unrecognizable under thick eyeliner.
So yeah...